IPFM Group, as an Infrastructural Project finance and management business service provider, is guided by the following Mission:  
To provide assistance in the planning, financing and management of infrastructure and development Projects, using its associations and contractual arrangements with International Institutions and other Organizations, that place their full backing behind the Projects that IPFM Group support and wish to develop, either for themselves or in partnership with others.  
  To collaborate with the promoters/originators, their infrastructure operators and the Project development structures by developing the:  
Business plans, covering every facet of the Project.  
Cash flows.  
Profit and loss.  
Capital structure.  
Any other information needed.  
To assist the local Participants and Management by constant monitoring and to advise everybody as to what in their belief is best for everyone.  
  IPFM Group uses and promotes various financial engineering and risk management mechanisms developed specially to support this Mission.  
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Contact Us: Information@ipfmgroup.com
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