The main areas of operation of the IPFM Group are in Developing countries and Emerging markets where it can use its experience, expertise and knowledge, built up over decades, to create value in those countries focused on:  
IPFM Group works in countries where underdeveloped natural resources exist (human, natural, geographical, geological, environmental) in order to develop those resources for maximum utilization and mutual benefit.  
IPFM Group concentrates on basic services and fundamental industries that all developing countries should not ignore: roads, railway and transport developments, power and energy provision, waste management and conversion, general construction and development, mining, agriculture and agricultural development in all forms, forestry, and many more.  
IPFM Group  is involved in Social Development. These include such areas as the provision of healthcare insurance, healthcare facilities, affordable housing, and education. Similar attention is paid to developing a strong service sector, adding modern management techniques and systems wherever possible.  
  IPFM Group brings their new, modern and sophisticated practices and technologies, to bridge a gap that exists between the economically developed world and those countries seeking to develop, not only internationally but within their own borders.  
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Contact Us: Information@ipfmgroup.com
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