Infrastructural Project Finance & Management is the association of a group of companies and individuals involved in International long term infrastructure orientated Project finance and management:  
  IPFM Group's function is to assist in the planning, financing, and management of Projects, using its associations and contractual arrangements with international institutions and organizations worldwide, that place their full backing behind the projects that IPFM Group support and wish to develop.  
IPFM Group incorporates the best practices in financial engineering, risk management, business planning and business development that are the amalgamation of former Companies that developed knowledge and expertise in different areas over many years of operation.  
IPFM Group’s focus is in safeguarding the Infrastructural Projects from potential risks and protecting all involved.  
IPFM Group works by establishing long term relationships with existing businesses, or establishing long term partnerships with national companies or individuals, thereby becoming part of the national business environment with a view to developing mutually beneficial long term relationships.  
IPFM Group is private and independent. It has more scope and less constraints than similarly orientated organizations due to its structure.  
  The business delivery model of IPFM Group is based on the Business Service concept.
An independent Service Provider Division, funded by IPFM Group, gives support to each Project on a practical basis; this being separate to the functions carried out by IPFM Group itself .
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Contact Us: Information@ipfmgroup.com
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