Infrastructural Project Finance & Management (IPFM Group) are in Partnership with:  
JDA (Scottsdale, AZ, USA, London-England) – world renown expertise in yield management, tariff systems development and logistics management (more then 10,000 specialists are employed worldwide).  
  OMNINET (Nuremberg, Germany) – world renown expertise in solutions for Enterprise and Service management (1,500 specialists are employed).  
IBS (Moscow, Russia) – world renown IT Systems Integrator (5,000 specialists are employed).  
Progressor LLC (Seattle, WA, USA) – specialist expertise in development of industrial, logistic and social infrastructure (50 specialists are employed). .  
EEC Consulting (Petersburg, Russia) – expertise in enterprise work flow development (100 specialists are employed)  
EEC Software (Grodno, Belarus) – software development (300 specialists are employed).  
  IPFM Group , in association with it’s Partners provide for Infrastructural Projects access to up to date technologies in management of Industrial, Logistic and Social Infrastructure and overall protective service applications.  
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Contact Us: Information@ipfmgroup.com
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